Superfood smoothies


Energetic TV-chef and food writer Sara La Fountain and Finnish Leader together developed the Superfood Smoothie concept , which brings superfood to within reach of everbody. The new Superfood Smoothie powders combine many nutritionally important elements.



• Superfood Smoothie powders contain many ingredients important to the body such as enzymes, vitamins, minerals and micronutrients, carotenes, chlorophyll, flavinoids and antioxidants which support the body’s metabolism.
• Many superfood ingredients have been observed to increase alertness and reduce inflammatory reactions.
• The proteins in Superfood Smoothie powders (hemp, pea and rice) are non allergenic and are excellent in their amino acidic consistency. They don’t contain lactose or gluten


Superfood QUALITY

• The quality of our Smoothie powders has been analysed in EUROFINS laboratories
• All ingredients comply with EU criteria for pureness
• Superfoods come from the following countries: Peru, India, Egypt, China and Germany
• Juice and powdered berries come from the following countries: Turkey, Scandinavia, Poland, Bulgaria and South America (Ecuador, Costa Rica and Brasil).


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